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So glad you're here.

Memberships are a powerful way to engage and support the growth of this community and its mission. We offer 3 levels of membership to offer the right fit for you.

  • BASIC $65/yr 
    • $25 Discount, Directory Listing
  • PLUS $125/yr  

    • $25 Discount, Directory Listing, Event Listing on LEI Website

  • CONTRIBUTOR  $250/yr 
    •   $25 Discount, Directory Listing, Event Listing,  Homepage Logo, Monthly IG Feature
Lets begin . . .

A few tips on what gather to get started and a video to walk you through the process

1. Credit Card. First step is to purchase the Annual L/E+I Directory Membership

2. Profile pic that shows your smile. Square format, ideally 200 x 200 pix

3. Logo in jpg or png form, again square format, 200 x 200 pix

4. Email, website link, and a home like (your chance to add a social media link)

Once you submit it can take 24- 48 hours for the profile to be reviewed and then go live on the site. If at any point you get stuck or have a question reach out and send us an email.

We are here to help. 

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