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Clara Krebs, Founder of Clear Medical

Bringing the patient-doctor relationship back to the central part of health care, Dr Krebs is diversifying the options when it comes to how we approach our wellness. After two decades in the industry, Clara Krebs is launching her own Clinic - Clear Medical - with the vision to reestablish holistic primary care by returning time, energy and trust to the healing power of the patient doctor relationship. In a world of specialists, her focus remains on the first point of contact - the primary care doctor- as being the best place to enhance our health. Her conviction in what she sees and her ability to tackle huge challenges with a step by step approach opens up new doors to what is possible. Most of all, her clarity on what her strength is - finding her frequency as she puts it - is the energy and momentum that moves this idea forward into reality.

By way of . . .

Montgomery, Alabama.

12 years on Kauai.

Feeling most alive . . . .

"When I can release my mind and trust the path and process. The almost meditative state you can achieve when performing a task has taken years of training and preparation. Also studying biochemistry/medicine while listening to music. "

Inspirational Quote . . .

"There is nothing more powerful than a woman who has found her frequency."

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