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Jessyca D of Kaua'i Massage Experience

Ray of Sunshine. Thats the best way I can describe the experience of sitting down with Jessyca this past month to learn more about her story and vision for the business she is creating. This woman hides nothing when it comes to her enthusiasm and passion for the business she is building. In some ways her journey has jumped around a bit but looking at what she is curating now its easy to see how the pieces all fit together with intention. Read below to see how the pieces she is putting together is creating something unique and thoughtful in the industry.

How do you describe what you do? How is it different than a typical massage therapist? I offer a one-of-a-kind, MULTI-SENSORY Massage Experience. Sessions include head-to-toe melt-on-the-table massage, hot towels, aromatherapy, singing-bowl-sound-healing, and local fruit infused-fresh Kauai spring water, hand carried from the Makaleha River Valley.  Our delightfully beautiful massage Sanctuary is nestled in the hills above Kapaa. While only 8 minutes from town, it feels like we're "out in the country," surrounded by nature. Our healing space offers a breathtaking view of Mt. Kalalea, (known to Hawaiians as the birthing portal of life). I intentionally call upon this mountain, this birthing portal, to infuse our Sanctuary with her creative energy, because I see people as creative beings and want to support them with their creations.  What first sparked the idea for this business/pursuit and how was it shaped in the beginning? I wanted to find an avenue where I could spend my time in connection and experience with people in ways that express the textures of love. I wanted to create a container for people to come in and receive exactly what they need for their body, heart, and mind to feel nourished, inspired and loved.

What surprised you along the way? The greatest surprise along the way has been how rich and fulfilling this work ACTUALLY is. I imagined it would be, but had no way of knowing what the actual experience of spending an hour or two with someone would be like and how much transformation can be accomplished for both of us in the process. The people I work with experience a deep state of wholesome love, acceptance, serenity, relaxation, pain relief, encouragement, inspiration, reflection, and support. Their neurological system hits a reset button, so that by the end of the session, they emerge into a new version of themselves. My heart feels the depths of these experiences and cherishes each moment.

Who or What were key influencers in your journey?

My mother taught me how to love from the depths of my heart.My closest friend, Denise, (an amazing massage therapist), showed me what massage can do for people. How much it can really touch people, beyond physicality. Many books and 16 years of experience with engaging Manifestation and The Law of Attraction.Spending almost 5 years living on a homestead across a river, in isolation, taught me how much I truly love people and cherish connection. This experience also taught me how to nurture and care for life. My beloved partner, Matthew, is teaching me how to see through the eyes of God, into the eyes of God. To see God in all beings and treat life as such.

What have you had to overcome in order to achieve success?

Confidence that what I have to offer is valuable and desired. Attracting and creating The Sanctuary, which is the beautiful space where this work is offered. 16 years of acquiring the skills, knowledge, practice, and intuition that lends itself to the unfoldment of these sessions.

What is your greatest strength and how is this key to your success? My greatest strength is my capacity for love. I feel so much admiration, appreciation, joy, and beauty in witnessing people and being in their presence. To be able to hold a space where people can expand and grow even more open is my greatest joy. This is the key to my success because people love being in the field of someone who loves them. It's perfectly natural. We all love to be loved. And my greatest joy is to love!

What failure was necessary for success later on?  I was creating an agritourism business on the farm across the river. I wanted visitors to experience the beauty and lifestyle of growing food and living on the land. The logistics of parking, transporting, insurance, taxes, etc. made the endeavor too expensive. This led to me pursuing other things, including massage school. On difficult days what keeps you motivated?  The excitement in my heart keeps me motivated. This is my indicator of what Ishould be working on. To me, this is my soul communicating with my physical body. It's my inner child saying "This is how I get to create in the world! This is what excites me, so this is the highest and best thing for me to do!" What are you looking forward to?  I am looking forward to experiencing what the potential of this work can be. With massage, what can being touched in just the right way, do for the body? Do for the Being?  As for the "Design Your Life" Sessions, one idea can change the course of a life. When people have an opportunity to dig into their innermost desires and speak about their excitement, one idea could ignite a dream into reality. The potential is unlimited!

Thank you Jessyca for sharing your journey and process with us in curating this experience. To find out more OR to book your session ( yes please! ) click HERE

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