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Kelsy Burch of Sol Remedies

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

This months feature is so in line with the feel of SPRING. A freshness that comes with deep roots of knowing her calling, Kelsy Burch, founder of Sol Remedies brings an openness and clarity to the forefront. From the early days of growing up on an off grid farm to a life changing experience with a copperhead snake, this woman's calling is one that deepens each year. Her story is powerful and encouraging for those that are persevering through the challenges of building a business with purpose and thoughtfulness.

What sparked the desire to be an entrepreneur?

It's in my blood. Both my grandparents started their own companies, and my parents as well which allowed me to see first hand what it was like. I was home-schooled which means I was always watching how my parents lived. They worked very hard, but at the end of the day it was doing what they loved along with the flexibility to spend time with kids. Being home-schooled, I felt like I could find what I loved and that could be an avenue of work for me to pursue. My grandpa always told me if you want something work for it and you can have it

Who/What were key influencers in your journey?

I grew up on an off grid farm and was surrounded by nature. My mom was my biggest support and best friend, she always encouraged me to do what I love. Growing up I experienced different illnesses and this began my journey in exploring natural avenues of healing with plants. Along the way I discovered the power of plants to heal and I realized I needed to do this for my health.

Was there a defining moment when you knew this was the path for you?

At the age of 15 when I was bit by a copperhead I saw firsthand the power of plants to heal. I had recently been reading on natural remedies for snake bites and knew how venom worked along with the necessary elements to treat a venomous bite. When I was bitten I was so far from help that my best chance was to treat the bite myself. I immediately was able to collect and make the treatment from what I had around me and avoided the severe consequences of a snakebite. I was always connected to plants but after my snakebite and healing myself with plant medicine, it solidified my confidence and sealed the almost wasn’t a choice...I found my calling.

What have you learned about yourself through this process?

Being around plants and growing plants has taught me that when we’re patient with ourselves and take time to nourish our roots, we can grow tremendously. Plants, just like people, are resilient. They can survive drought, storms and hardship and still find a way to bloom and thrive. It's the same with myself as I steadily navigate the growth of my business, facing challenges and choosing to persevere. Someone told me “For every 10 no’s you get 1 good yes”. I’ve found this to be true. Some days I feel like giving up, but then I take a deep breath and remember the passion and purpose of why I’m doing this.

What “dead ends” in this journey have been useful in moving forward?

I really believe that when one door closes another opens. When something doesn't work out it means something better is around the corner. Even through all the pitfalls and no’s I have faced I find that it pushes me forward to try harder and figure out a different way. Deep down I am driven by knowing that I am doing what I love.

I faced a challenge like this recently when I really wanted a certain job and I didn’t get the position. It was disappointing however it made me reevaluate and deepen roots taking time to work harder in expanding my own vision. As I have built my business I believe in honoring what I call the 3 P’s: Patience, Passion and Persistence. I didn't realize it would take this long but it's all part of the process

What are the different roles you play in life and how do you balance them?

Building my business in plant medicine has meant wearing many hats - being a “Jill of all trades so to speak” . My main focus is maturing the business - I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2014 as an herbalist. I also work as a certified Doula and I nanny 4 days a week. Certified Doula. At the core birthwork and herbalism is my passion.

What are you . . .

Reading? The Four Agreements

Listening to? Hip Hop Binge - I grew up dancing and so I love good music

Watching? Grays Anatomy

What impact or influence do you hope to have with this business for Kauai?

I want to inspire the youth that with hard work and dedication anything is possible - don't just dare to dream, dare to live your dream. I also want to provide the community with quality herbal care that doesn't cost an arm and leg - offering quality and affordable medicine that is good for you. I’ve been sick so I know how much it matters, helping others with natural and time honored methods

What advice would you offer to others?

As an herbalist, one of my favorite things about plants is how they come in all colors, shapes and sizes and bring all kinds of special healing properties to the table. That's what makes them so unique, and also what I believe makes humans so special. Diversity is not just about how we differ. It's about embracing one another's uniqueness — so I encourage you to be bold, be beautiful, (be like a plant) and be yourself!

Thank You Kelsy for sharing your story, inspiring us all to deepen our roots and celebrate our uniqueness! You can follow Kelsy and Sol Remedies on Instagram, or her Website for offerings and products.

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